14-year-old girl undertakes restoration of Pontiac Fiero for her 16th birthday

It isn’t often that you hear of girls with a love for cars. That’s normally reserved for the male species who love to talk cars and get their hands dirty while fine tuning or fixing their rides. It comes as a pleasant surprise, then, to hear of 14-year-old Kathryn whose dream is to complete work on a car that she’s dreamt of getting for her 16th birthday. At a time when most kids are pestering their parents to buy them a car, Kathryn is happy working to build one.

Meet The 14-Year-Old Girl Building A Car For Her Sweet Sixteen
Meet The 14-Year-Old Girl Building A Car For Her Sweet Sixteen

It all started when the teenager asked her parents if she could use her savings from babysitting jobs to buy herself a Pontiac Fiero which she would work on for her 16th birthday. Mind you, Kathryn made the offer to her parents when she was just 12 years old. Understandably, her parents were a little surprised to hear their baby girl talking about cars, especially one that she wanted for her 16th birthday. Needless to say, Kathryn presented a strong argument, saying that she would pay for the tuning and be directly involved in the restoration process.

Following her parents’ consent, Kathryn purchased an old Fiero and has been restoring it for the past two years. The once beat-up Pontiac now sports a trendy black and yellow-themed body. The young owner has come a long way from spray painting and sanding to heavier work like welding, sand blasting and upholstery. It’s safe to say that she could give the guys some stiff competition in the world of automobile knowledge.

Just to give you an idea of how keen she is about learning the ways of cars, Kathryn wanted a manual transmission for her car so she could learn how to drive a stick. The teen has made quite a name for herself in automobile forums, with many wishing their kids would turn out to be just as dedicated to cars as she is.

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