2011 Tokyo Motor show: BMW ActiveHybrid 5 appears

The Tokyo Motor Show 2011 revealed the much awaited Hybrid Active 5. The new bimmer, unveiled alongside several other concepts and models (such as the Toyota FCV-R, Subaru BRZ STI concept, Nissan Nismo and Pivo 3, etc.) from different car makers is all set to be on sale in the Japanese market for the very first time. The debut has attracted many eyes and it's market release is now awaited by the auto enthusiasts from across the globe. We give you an insight about the new bimmer covering all the aspects to answer all your curiosities.

BMW ActiveHybrid 5
BMW ActiveHybrid 5

First impression

BMW added the fourth hybrid model to its commercially available model range with the launch of its new hybrid-powered ActiveHybrid 5-Series, unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show today (30 November), according to an Autocar report. The new concept looks stunning, wearing the signature bimmer look. The lush liquid blue colored sedan wore a sporty, curvy and an awe inspiring modest look besides holding within that eight speed auto transmission power leaving that captivating first impression to the onlookers.

The powertrain

The model is based on the automaker's conventional 535i sedan's power train, which has a 296 bhp twin turbocharged straight six petrol (gasoline) power train. The Active Hybrid 5 as the BMW says, reaches up to a speed of 100 kmph or 62 mph in 5.9 seconds goes up to a maximum speed of 250 kmph (ie. 150 mph) subject to an electronic limit.

The exterior & Interior

The New Hybrid 5 series is, as speculated by many, very similar to the regular BMW 5 series except, of course, for a few changes. The new Active Hybrid 5 comes with galvanized slats on it’s kidney grills, a badge on the door sills as well as the C pillar and has beautiful matt chrome exhaust pipes which are a few among the exceptional features. There are options for installations of 18 inch streamlined alloys and crystal bluewater metallic paint available to ones with a different taste.

What’s new?

The new Active Hybrid 5 has a Lithium-ion battery pack which allows the vehicle to be driven automatically at speeds up to 37 mph and ha been placed in the front boot section. The BMW claims the new hybrid to be a greener automotive luxury since it is capable of returning 44.1 mpg UK while the Carbon Dioxide emission has been recorded to stand at a mere 149 g/km.

Besides these, there are several other new features that could be seen on board, for example, the stop/ start system, the regenerative breaking (that is, when the brakes have been applied and the car slows down, the electric motor works in the form of a generator and stores energy which is used to boost up the acceleration) and the hill start assistance system. The default installations includes a 17 – inch alloy and lush interiors with fineline anthracite wood finished dash area.

Picture Gallery
BMW ActiveHybrid 5
BMW ActiveHybrid 5 appeared at 2011 Tokyo Motor show

What’s refreshing?

That, now is a question which has quite an obvious answer! Every time we have a new bimmer in the market, we are taken away by it’s beautiful majestic looks. The new Active Hybrid 5 carries on the same charm and has everything that is refreshing, right from the dynamic exteriors through the lush, comfortable interiors. On the technical front, again, the turbocharged I-6 (3 litres) eight speed automatic transmission, compared to the twin turbo V8 installed in the X6 Active Hybrid, is certainly meant to provide a refreshed driving experience.

Price and availability

Although the Active Hybrid 5 is speculated to be launched in the American market early next year, the precise market cost for the car is yet to be released. As far as the European markets are concerned, there have been anticipations of a later 2012 release with the pricing yet unknown. Some sources, however, claim to have reports suggesting that the new bimmer is due to be launched in the United Kingdom in Feb, 2012 with a price of 46,860 British Pounds. For the exact pricing and availability yet unknown, we give you a pictorial insight of the Beautiful BMW Active Hybrid 5 through this gallery.

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