'85 GMC Vandura modified to replicate The A-Team's ride

The television has for long inspired modders to recreate automobiles featured on hit shows. One of the more popular entertainment shows was The A-Team, an action-adventure series about a group of ex-army guys turned mercenaries. A fan of the show has now turned a classic GMC Vandura into a replica of the car driven by BA Baracus played by Mr T to the delight of fans across the globe.

Replica GMC Vandura Van
Replica GMC Vandura Van

$50,000 and eight months later the replica was born, complete with the colors and features sported by the original van. In keeping with the times, the designer has fitted the interior with modern gadgetry that The A-Team would have loved to be privy to.

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Replica GMC Vandura Van
Tag Majid spent a whopping $50,000 to Convert His Van into Iconic Transport.

Tag Majid is the brains behind the project. He bought a beat up old ’85 GMC Vandura and restored it to look exactly like Baracus’s ride. It was no mean feat either as Majid spent over a year searching the internet for the exact parts. Even the aerial atop the roof matches the original’s perfectly. But all the hard work seems to have paid off as the replica has been turning heads wherever it goes.

Inside, one will find a 26-inch LCD display, a sound system and a DVD player that plays The A-Team theme song on a loop. Majid has also received a permit to allow others to hire his van for special occasions. 24 brides have already booked it to ferry them to their weddings with another 26 lined up for next year. Not the usual customers one would expect but that’s how popular the TV show was and the van gives them a chance to be part of something iconic.

Majid’s two daughters seem to be delighted with the project with their father claiming that rolling up to the school’s gates gets a reaction out of the students like no other car can.

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