Aston Martin's legacy celebrated with Calleija-designed jewelry line

British automobile company, Aston Martin, has regaled us with beautiful line-ups of cars over the decades, some so stunning that they’ve been featured in several films of the James Bond movie franchise. Now, it has teamed up with Australian designer, John Calleija, to create an exclusive jewelry line to celebrate the automaker’s legacy.

Aston Martin Legacy Jewelry Collection
Aston Martin Legacy Jewelry Collection

Calleija, noted for his stunning jewelry pieces, was the recipient of the De Beers Diamond International Award in 2007. With his European style-inspired pieces, the designer is known to travel across the globe in search of the best metals and gems to create his next line of exclusive jewelry. He’s also known to be on the forefront of innovations in his field including the new ‘Glacier’ cut for precious gems.

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Aston Martin Legacy Jewelry Collection
Aston Martin Legacy Jewelry Collection by John Calleija

It’s only fitting, then, that the respected jeweler and one of Britain’s most famous automakers have collaborated to create an exclusive jewelry line. The partnership came about after Aston’s chief exec Ulrich Bez approached Calleija with an idea to make the marque a wearable art form. Once the duo sat down to appraise the designer’s work, there was no turning back. Incidentally, the jewelry line honors the famed Aston Martin One-77 which is so popular that every unit manufactured since its roll-out in 2010 has been sold. According to Marek Reichman, Aston’s director of design, the $3-million One-77 is the culmination of emotion and beauty and is more a work of art than a mere automobile.

Calleija’s tribute to the super car took six years to conceive and consists of 77 pieces of stunning jewelry with 30 designs. The pieces are modeled around Aston’s iconic front grille using the revolutionary Astar cut for gemstones. Like the Aston, Calleija’s creations embody style, class and beauty targeted at those with a love for luxury where the economic downturn wreaks little havoc when it comes to owning stunning creations.

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