Bajaj to launch a Super Sports bike in Pulsar 200 SS

Back in 2001 Bajaj Auto's attempts at expansion in the Indian bike market beyond models in the 80 to 125 cc bikes through the Bajaj Pulsar bike did not find many takers in the corporate world but the success of the bike has proved otherwise. Capitalizing on the same, Bajaj Auto is due to launch Pulsar 200 NS by the beginning of July and work is underway on the launch of a Super Sports variant, Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS.

New Pulsar 200
New Pulsar 200

Bajaj recently launched Discover 125 Sports Tourer. More launches are in the offing in the form of new variants of its existing brands. For Bajaj Auto, the focus primarily is on redefining the Indian bikes market to give consumers options against the bikes that emphasize on high mileage numbers but offer little beyond that in terms of features or the design of the bike. The bikes launched by Bajaj Auto invariably seek to challenge the notion that good mileage cannot be combined with excellence in features and design. The launch of Discover 125 Sports Tourer was in keeping with the same. The Pulsar 200 NS and Pulsar 200 SS models will only take forward the legacy. While Pulsar 200 NS is ready for launch and is being tested in Pune prior to its release, the Pulsar 200 SS variant's prototypes are also rumored to be undergoing the mandatory trials and tests. The bike is not slated to hit the markets before year end.

The Pulsar 200 SS is expected to have a high top speed. In keeping with the same, it is expected to have a full-fairing. Bajaj Auto has not launched any bike with a full-fairing as yet. This is likely to be an interesting deviation but the facets relating to engine cooling and high vibrations are likely to take time for the company to launch a model that is cut above the rest.

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