Most beautiful Pininfarina Cambiano Concept in a more appealing wooden avatar

The Pininfarina Cambriano concept displayed at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show drew much praise and impressed one and all to emerge as the Most Beautiful Concept at the show. The accolades do not end there as the concept has now taken an entirely different form and is now wowing its audience elsewhere. The concept, now crafted in wood, is being showcased at the 2012 Milan Furniture Show. The wooden rendition has been created by Riva 1920, an Italian solid wood furniture manufacturer.

Wooden Cambiano
Wooden Cambiano

The wooden sculpture of the Pininfarina Cambiano concept that will now make its presence felt at the Beijing Motor show has been done up in Venice Briccola wood. This European Oak wood finds use in the mooring poles in the city and marks the navigation channels in the lagoon. The floor and the lower part of the cabin for the original concept are also made up of this wood. The use of this wood works for the concept on multiple lines.

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Wooden Cambiano
Pininfarina Cambiano carved from wood for furniture show

The use of discarded wood in the sculpture propagates the cause of recycling and other eco-friendly initiatives on similar lines. The beams of Venice Briccola wood that measure up to 36 feet in height carry markings that come from the aquatic organisms and the lagoon. Even the holes created by marine molluscs do not go unnoticed. This gives a unique appearance to the wood. The sculpture that represents the Pininfarina Cambiano concept in wood is thus representative of the cultural heritage of Venice as well.

The wooden interiors of the Pininfarina Cambiano concept, done by Riva 1920, are manufactured using sophisticated milling machines. Oiling and polishing of this surface creates the same effect that is now on display in this sculpture. The sculpture project involves the collaborative effort of Pininfarina, Riva 1920, SCM Group and Licom System.

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