Beerbulance to the rescue for beer emergencies

Chilling with pals at the end of a long week is one of the best ways to relax and catch up on what’s happening. Factor in some chilled beer and there’s nothing else you could ask for. But what do you do when you run out of your favorite ale? Run to the store, of course. But if you live in a town where the beer stores close early, you know how annoying it can get when someone calls out that you’re down to your last can. Enter the ‘Beerbulance’, a van that caters to your beer needs when you run out. Part of a marketing gimmick by Atlanta-based Red Brick Brewing, the van, complete with a siren on top and the words ‘Beerbulance’ written on the sides, is here to help folks with a penchant for beer stock up.


Of course, the beer ambulance caters only to residents of Atlanta, Georgia, but it has generated quite a buzz on the internet. We only wish there were official beerbulances at our beck and call too.

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Beerbulance is a Beer Ambulance for Beermergencies

Red Brick Brewing was founded in 1993 and although it went through a rough patch, was revamped after a new management team stepped in. Marketing its brand of Southern beer, the company has in its arsenal such labels as Laughing Skull, Brick Mason and core brands like Porter, Pale Ale, Blonde and Brown.

Beerbulance is reminiscent of Hangover Heaven, a Las Vegas mobile treatment service that offers hangover cures. Of course, both vans have different ‘job profiles’ but their relationship with alcohol is what brings them together.

Red Brick Brewing’s marketing gimmick is sure to go down well with beer lovers in Atlanta. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we heard that the company’s sales shot up and there was an increased demand for Red Brick beer. We only wish that other companies would come up with similar ingenious ideas.

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