Bicycle chains reincarnated as stunning human-like sculptures

Bicycle chains are a common feature in most sculptures and works of art made from bicycle parts. And of all the bicycle chain sculptures we at Automotto have ever come across, the ones created by South Korean artist Seo Young Deok are by far the most awe-inspiring. Made to resemble the human form, the extremely detailed sculptures amazingly mimic ever contour of the human body to the tee.

Bicycle Chain Sculptures
Bicycle Chain Sculptures

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Bicycle Chain Sculptures
Bicycle Chain Sculptures by Seo Young Deok

To get even the finest details right, Deok welded together miles of metal chains and the result is stupendous to say the least. The artist says that the bases for his creations are Buddhist paintings and sculptures and as well as public sculptures and art installed at bus and metro stations and crowded markets.

Since the artist prefers the beauty of distinctly Asian forms, his creations, too, boast of Asian facial and physical features. The series of stunning sculptures includes various realistic masterpieces including one of a human torso that was completed in two months and another of a whole human body sans a head that looks like a strange metallic cross between the Farnese Hercules and the Thinking Man sculpture installed at Musée Rodin in Paris.

The most prominent and telling of all the sculptures in the Dystopia series is a piece called Nirvana which is basically a 7ft 6in tall sculpture of a male head. Though the “head” bears a stark resemblance to the artist’s own facial features, he maintains that the piece is symbolic of Buddhist sculptures. The particular piece was fashioned out of a mile long metal chain and was put together over a period of one year. The sculpture costs more than $40,000.

Bicycle Chain SculpturesBicycle Chain Sculptures by Seo Young Deok

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