Cardok elevator system functions with style

What do wealthy folk use their money on? Sure, they have their grand homes and cars but there must be something different they can spend their cash on. After all, doesn’t being wealthy give you the chance to stand out from the rest of the ordinary mortals? We have one such item lined up that’s sure to draw envious looks from snooty neighbors: the Cardok elevator system.

Cardok Elevator
Cardok Elevator

Looking like something James Bond himself would be accustomed to, the Cardok lift hides your fancy and expensive automobiles underground and brings them back up for your convenience. The luxurious system makes use of hydraulics and a large hole dug out to hold the cars.

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Cardok Elevator
Cardok Elevator Gives You James Bonds Style Garage

While the idea itself is simple, construction of the Cardok isn’t. Selling for about $70,000, it isn’t a system for middle class folk. But richer classes would no doubt love to get themselves one to match their luxury automobiles.

Depending on how many cars you want held, a large hole is dug out near the customer’s home and a complicated hydraulic system installed underground. If you’re worried about how the whole set up could ruin your landscape, breathe easy as the roof of the lift is designed to match the surrounding environment. So, not only do you get yourself an expensive installation, you do so with subtlety.

Aside from being able to lift cars, the system can also supposedly collect rainwater and siphon it underground without damaging your car, all made possible due to the specially designed gutter system. This will give you a chance to do some good for the environment without compromising on style.

If it’s just one car you want to park, you can opt for the Mono Cardok which will set you back by about $61,000. Two or more cars can be parked using the Multi Cardok which costs $72,000 and can hold around 10 tons of weight.

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