A closer look at the 2012 Royal Enfield Bullet G5 Deluxe

Royal Enfield Bullet G5 Deluxe represents a model that comes with several add-ons above the Bullet G-5 Classic version. The legacy of a brand that spans decades gets a new lease of life with this model. It tries to recreate the mystical appeal of the Bullet model that dominated in the 1950's. The chrome tank is a manifestation of the same. The overall look of the model is along similar lines.

2012 Royal Enfield Bullet G5 Deluxe
2012 Royal Enfield Bullet G5 Deluxe


The chrome touch of the deluxe model is not restricted to the tank. The fenders, airbox and the brake lever too are done up in the same finish. The rubber knee pads are also an add-on over the classic model. The size of the seat enables a comfortable seating space for two. The G5 Deluxe comes with a 54 inch wheelbase.

The performance

The exteriors borrow from the appeal of the Royal Enfield brand but the engine is in keeping with the requirements of the modern era. It boasts of a brand new fuel injected unit construction engine. To start this vehicle, you have the option of making use of your own leg power or the electrical push. The pushrod single engine powered G5 Deluxe has a fuel capacity of 3.8 Gallons. The value for the maximum engine hp stands at 27 @ 5250 rpm while the maximum torque is estimated at 30 ft/lbs @4000 rpm. The power output is not as high as one would want for a fun ride on the highway but then Royal Enfield is admired more for its vintage look that traces its legacy to an era that dates back to more than five decades. A combination of modernity and legacy of the past sums up this vehicle. Not quite the power machine for an adrenaline rush, but it does have a fan following.


The average price is $6195 but a variation in the same comes with the location and the applicable taxes in the region. It may go as high as $6699.

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