The Denver Zoo introduces world's first poo-powered Auto-Rickshaw

In a first of its kind, the Denver Zoo unveiled the world’s first poo-powered motorized tuk-tuk that embodies the Zoo’s novel technology that is awaiting patenting. This amazing new innovation uses recycled animal excreta and human trash as bio-degradable fuel for its mobility. The Tuk-Tuk bought originally from Thailand (where it is used extensively for transportation) was redesigned on gasifier pellets obtained from animal excreta and waste materials from the zoo’s effluents.

Denver Zoo's Poo-Powered Rickshaw
Denver Zoo's Poo-Powered Rickshaw

This poo-powered Tuk-Tuk is the second trial product that the Denver Zoo has designed to showcase their sustainable re-cycled energy system. Previously, the same zoo designed a blender that was used to mix margaritas at zoo events. It's potential as an efficient commuter service is restricted not only to the zoos but even to college campuses, smaller communities and many other urban settings.

The Denver Zoo officials are themselves contemplating taking effective measures for utilizing the benefits of cleaner energy systems. The most recent project in its pipeline is the Toyota Elephant passage that shall house a 10-acred elephant exhibition center which is scheduled to open in late spring of the current year. Once the gasification system gets implemented in its entirety, zoo official expect that it will be able to convert 90 percent of the zoo’s waste into renewable energy thereby effectively recycling more than 1.5 million pound of sewage that currently is deposited on landfills annually.

Three full time individuals directly on the payroll of the zoo were involved in the design and construction of alternative energy system, making this system to be the first beneficiary of such a varied on-site stream of waste as a form of energy. In the course of the development and design process, the in-house team embarked on a continued liaison with the Boulder based National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) and several likeminded organizations like the Colorado Governor's Energy Office, Western Energy Alliance and EncCana Oil and Gas Co-operative.

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Denver Zoo's Poo-Powered Rickshaw
Poo-Powered Rickshaw Unveiled At The Denver Zoo

In the words of the Vice-president for planning and capital projects George Pond, the zoo was in pursuit of innovative energy solutions that would enable it to do away with their large landfill wastes. It was here, that the zoo endeavored to build energy from animal excreta and human trash. The result was an astonishing energy solution that can create clean energy from bio-degradable waste.The Zoo officials have planned an elaborate itinerary for the country-wide unveiling of its novel “gasifier” powered motorized Tuk-Tuk (rickshaw) that includes a road tour to the Palm Desert which would start from March 22nd and end on the March 25th, while halting at recognized zoos on its way.

The rickshaw's final destination on its road show would be Westin Mission Hills Conference Center where it shall take part in the Green Summit to be organized on the 27th and 28th of March 2012 respectively. The soon- to-be patented "gasification" technology created will also be used to power the zoo's newest exhibit, Toyota Elephant Passage, once the on field trials of the Tuk-Tuk design proto-types are completed.

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Poo-Powered RickshawPoo-Powered Rickshaw Unveiled At The Denver Zoo

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