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Another DIYer from China comes with a unique creation, this time a hummer

The Chinese have something of a bad rep for churning out cheap, though often poorly made, goods by the billions and hawking them to markets around the world. But there is another side to the “Made in China” story and that one tells us the tales of innovative everyday Chinese folks manufacturing DIY versions of the world’s most expensive brands. We’ve had two interesting DIY Lambos, and a fully functional submarine among others and the latest vehicle to join the ranks of these revealing homemade autos is the Hummer replica created by a Chinese chef. Although looking at its size, we might guess that perhaps business at the restaurant he owns ain’t going too well since the DIY Hummer stands at about less than a quarter of the original’s size, and it looks, er, almost nothing like the real deal!

DIY Hummer from China
DIY Hummer from China

Made by Chef Qu Zhibo, the knockoff Hummer took three years to come in its present form and cost around 4000 Yuan (roughly $630). The 25-year old Zigong City, Sichuan Province-native made the 2 meter long, 1.5 meter high Hummer from scratch repurposing a motorcycle to create the vehicle. The chef had a suburban passenger transportation business before he gave in to his culinary calling, and his experience with autos helped him immensely in fashioning the vehicle.

DIY Hummer from China
DIY Hummer from China

The knockoff, like most homemade efforts, of course comes with a lot of quirks including a weird start up system that requires the driver the start the engine from behind the vehicle (it is located at the rear) and then jump in! The DIY Hummer drives pretty much like any other car and can go up to 30 km/h though there are really strict laws in china against the manufacturing and use of homemade autos and Qu is very careful about not driving it out on the roads. He still gets his daily kicks by driving it a little in front his restaurant.

The car is almost completely handmade and Qu crafted the car skin seats, engine cover, etc on his own and the engine, tank, tires, and steering wheel were paid for. And though it may not look anything like a Hummer from up close, but you can pretty much see the resemblance if you look at it from a few hundred meters away. We wonder if the chef has been approached by major automakers for the rights to his creation since we think it would an immensely popular Hummer-for-less model that would sell like hot cakes in this part of the world!

Via: Business Insider/ China Hush

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