14 deadliest accidents caught on camera

Don’t think I’m a sadistic psychopath or something but I secretly really do enjoy watching huge trucks and big SUVs smashed up into a little ball of metal junk! Like any other urban world citizen no doubt, I too delight in watching the forces colliding and destroying very ounce of arrogance that mighty (sometimes drunk) motorists have when they’re behind the wheels of a giant road hog! Personally I love it when people miraculously escape unhurt because lets face it, no one like to see another human turned into pulp or worse, a vegetable for life! Anywho I’ve got my filthy danger-loving paws on some really gruesome road accident pics. I loved the one on top most ‘cause it seems like the truck is emerging out of the snow like a time traveler from 31st century or something! Peep the other not-so-lucky 13 after the jump.

truck in snow
truck in snow

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Source: Flickzzz

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