Everything you need to know 2014 Honda NSX

Starting its journey back in the year 1990, the Honda NSX is always been considered as the executive’s super car. After completing a glorious period till 2005, this version of automobile suddenly got a break due to some painful reasons. Now, after so many years Honda is again planning to present its all new version of NSX, estimated to come out in the next three years.This 2014 Honda NSX is believed to come out with a Hybrid technology and also with an all wheel drive system.

2014 Honda NSX
2014 Honda NSX

First Look

The new all wheel drive system enabled NSX is expected to have a 3.6 liter V6 engine. There are some discussions going on which say that there will be two motors in the latest version of NSX. One will be electrically powered and the other will be run by gas. But it is not confirmed till date if the engine will have the capability to be operated with a single motor or not.

The Machine

Earlier there were rumours that the upcoming NSX will come with a 4.5 liter V10 engine that will be capable of producing energy up to 500hp. But, the fact came out when Acura patented for a 3.6 liter engine. Later, it was also announced by Honda President and CEO Takanobu Ito. Now, the planned engine will be producing up to 400 Hp. Though, it is not confirmed till that, however, the engine of the next NSX should be the patented one only.

The new supercar is expected to reach a speed of 0-60 mph in less than 3.8 seconds. The top speed is estimated to be around 200 mph. Insiders information says that, Honda is now working on a hybrid motor engine, using the lithium ion battery. It can be charged with a plug in system.

What’s good?

The best thing about the 2014 NSW is its classy and sporty look. The body of this supercar is made up of a carbon body which is covered with aluminum in the skeleton wheelbase. It gives a dashing look to the body. Other good things are definitely the 400 Hp engine which is capable of producing a very high speed in a fraction of seconds. The presence of a hybrid motor should also be mentioned here. Well, it is believed that there are much more features, especially in the interior that are yet to be revealed in the coming period.

What’s not so good?

Though predicted to come out in the next 3-4 years, it is too early to comment on whether it will rule the market or not. However, looking toward the past record, it is obvious that the coming NSX should hold something very special so that it can overcome the past failures. The new model will face a big competition from other new versions of Lexus LF-A and Nissan GT-R.

Market experts opine that the past failures will surely affect the performance of the coming model of NSX. Also, the rumor that the engine would be 4.5 liter V10 engine and the actual engine of 3.6 liter V6 can make some kind of difference in the future.

Things to watch out for

It is believed that the new model of NSX will be a power pack of its old features combined with some modern technology. It will be really interesting to see how the all wheel drive system will be incorporated in the new model. People are also waiting eagerly to see the application of modern technology in the interiors of this supercar.

Price and availability

If everything goes according to plan and also if the economy does not give anymore headache, then the new NSX should hit the road by 2014. The initial price is estimated to be around £65,000. If the price estimation goes correct, then it will surely give a tough competition to all its competitors.

The Bottom line

It is a well known fact that, Honda never gives up at failure. The same is expected to become true with the new model of NSX. After the halt in the year 2005, Honda was about to bring the next model in the next two three years. But due to the economic slowdown, they decided to stop it for some more time.

But after so many years of patience; they are now determined again to bring it back to the road. And this time they are sure to present something real big to the car lovers. It will indeed be a matter to watch out how they overcome the past records and what will be there in the coming 2014 Honda NSX.

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