Al Gores son back to his best!

'The climate crises' is the way Al Gore refers to Global Warming and you dare not challenge his green credentials for even his son drives a Toyota Prius, although we really know how green it is for I would prefer a Hummer H3 to it. For the moment lets forget this debate and what is more important is the fact that one of Americas most known persona , an individual the country hails, is in deep trouble, courtesy Al Gore III .

al gore iii 59
al gore iii 59

Few people may overreact and think foolish of me to talk about his father but then if I never knew who Gore was , or be it even any other American , the man would have been behind bars and no one would have bothered . More important is the fact that it is not for the first time that Albert Arnold Gore III has been booked for drug- possession or creating nuisance.

If we call Paris Hilton a Brat, you would run out of words for Gore Junior. Hailing from a background, which would seldom make him drop his head, he is upto antics, which would see his family name deteriorate over a period for such acts suite more on Pete Doherty for Celebs thrive on such identity.

Gore Jr. was booked for speeding over 100mph in his Blue Toyota Prius on the San Diego Freeway and was later arrested for Pot possession and prescription drugs. Luckily, he hails from an illustrious background, courtesy of which, he is on a $20,000 bail. I thought he had improved over his previous mistakes but the man does not seem to improve at all, ask me why and I would give you reasons one many.

Back in 2003, he was booked on similar charges with the only difference being that he was initially pulled over for driving without headlights. Well that is surely not all, as an year before the Military Police near Fort Myer, VA, ticketed him for driving under the influence and again courtesy his family background , he wasn't taken into custody .

It is not only Drug possession which becomes the nemesis for him , he has had a history of rash driving associated with these arrests, probably a combo of both , atleast on the last three occasions . For the records, in the year 2000, the year his family came into limelight on a higher note for his father was contesting for the highest post in the country; he was booked for driving at 97 mph in a 55 mph zone, needless to say, what followed, for the background came good this time too.

Tracing the roots of his addiction the first incident that brought him into limelight on an individual level was back in 96, when he was suspended from his school for smoking weed amidst a school dance session, at the age of 13. The courtesy factor came good here too but then, there are people like Turque who treat truth above everything, under all circumstances.

His quote became famous when he mentioned his father wouldn't be contesting for the 2008 election, which is a good thing. I am a big admirer of Gore Sr. and I felt otherwise for he should have competed which was my opinion at that time. However, considering the activities of his son, I now feel that 'he truly did well', for until that time Gore would have lost his credibility atleast by half. Either ways, Americans have political legacies and Gore Jr. no way fits into that category for I wouldn't him like him leading a nation like the US in say another 20 years.

I have a serious suggestion for him, if he is so headbound to defame his ancestry, he should better pick up a guitar and start flirting with ramp models for then he would find a place in our celeb section on a regular basis and the world would know him the way he is and not as Al Gore's Son.


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