Ale: A 3 wheeled hybrid that dishes out 100miles per gallon

We all are such maniacs about what is under the hood that most often the hard core motorheads forget about the look and design of the car. But at the end of the day, it is the look that sells the most. It may not be an all defining factor, but a good design is the one that initially attracts more people towards the car. If you cannot get the heads to turn, you will never have them worrying about what lies inside. Whether it concerns dating r selling a car, it is the one golden rule.


But we will talk today about a 3 wheeler for its amazing quality under the hood. Fuel-Vapor Technologies showcased their independently designed 3-wheeled vehicle at the Vancouver International Auto Show. A unique hybrid, the “ale” has already been rated at 92 miles per gallon while being able to go from 0 to 60 in a mere 5 seconds. Since it’s a 3-wheeler, the ale is expected to perform well with corners, offering 1.7 g’s of cornering capability.

The 3 wheels also provide an additional benefit of reducing overall body weight of the vehicle, improving fuel efficiency by reducing drag and providing a teardrop shape improving aerodynamics. Fuel Vapor Technologies is already hoping to push pass the 100 mpg threshold utilizing their secret way of managing and metering the fuel vapor system while making a sporty and very eye-catching hybrid vehicle. The vehicle looks amazingly cool too with an exterior design that is unique and special. It is expected to mark out around $ 75,000 and upwards. Hope it rolls out soon.


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