Armored SWAT truck is a bullet-proof, blast resistant rolling bunker

On wheels

Pit Bull VX SWAT Truck is custom-made to enchant the soldiers on their bread delivery routines. The SWAT team has come up with a wonderful blend of blast resistant and bullet-proof vehicles to form a bunker that was unveiled officially at an international event of the chiefs of police across the states.

Pit-Bull VX SWAT
Pit-Bull VX SWAT

The SWAT team has come up with the design to incorporate a delivery truck with a fully bullet-proof tanker or war vehicle. The company is known for its specialization in armored vehicles.

The vehicle not only offers wonderful resistance from firearms and even blasts, it also provides immunity from gas or poisonous attacks due to its wonderful interiors. Let us take a sneak peak at the various features that the truck promises to offer and the demonic and charming looks SWAT team has decided to bestow it with.

Amenities on-board

The vehicle offers a great resistance to firearm attack. Each window on the truck is filled with ballistic glass. The layering in ballistic glass absorbs the shock and spread the energy of the impact offering resistance not only to small firearms but also sheds away a close-range shot from a high-powered rifle up to 7.62x39 and 5.5x45.

Built on the chassis of a Ford F-550 4x4 cab, it looks and feels like any other truck. The basic truck design helped in keeping the cost to a minimum while the performance of the vehicle was kept intact. Along with the armoring, the truck weighs merely 16,600 pounds.

The truck is also safe in grenade attacks. If you chance to drive over grenades, the designs of the floor and the angled roof ensure that the blast goes unnoticed for the insiders. The anti-mine protection is resistant to even the modern frag explosives.

With ballistic steel lining of the doors, no stray bullet can ever penetrate the sheets at any angle. Moreover, for gas attacks or poison attacks, the internal fans keep the ‘bad air’ outside and even bring in ‘good air’ if reversed.

The truck not only offers defensive forces but can be a monstrous attacker vehicle on the go. The massive grille, giant vents atop the hood, and louvered headlights give it a monstrous look and appeal that puts off most of the bad elements.

The powertrain

The angled roof and anti-mine floor protection make the SWAT’s war truck a smooth ride even over grenade attacks and mine blasts. Most of the opaque material in a truck’s body has been replaced with hardened ballistic steel for a greater strength. It seats two people in the front and a crew of around eight people.

The glasses used are actually multi layered ballistic glasses that offer amazing resistance against firearm attacks and even high powered bullet attacks. The truck also has additional areas of armoring in fuel tank, battery, and computer module.

LED strobe lights and multi siren systems are also available on request. The door hinges are reinforced to support the additional weight of the armor. The under carriage has ballistic steel plating and the doors and windows come with inbuilt gun ports.

The important details of the SWAT truck are as below:


6.7l V8 Turbo Diesel


141 inches/ 358 cm


300hp@2,800 rpm

Final weight

16,6000 pounds/ 7,529 kg


106 inches/ 269cm


254 inches/ 645 cm


94 inches/ 238 cm


XZL335/80R20 (run flat inserts)


5-Speed Automatic

The highs

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Pit-Bull VX SWAT
Pit-Bull VX SWAT armored turbodiesel V8 engine 6.7

The SWAT truck is a wonderful vehicle for the armored range of trucks with an additional advantage of counter attack in the designs and demonic looks that come with it. It offers amazing protection from all sorts of attacks ranging from small firearms to major mine blasts.

Apart from the protection that comes with the SWAT truck, you also have custom made gun ports for taking it on the offensive instead of simply sitting there protected in the shell of a bullet proof truck.

The lows

The weight, which otherwise sounds less than expected can, however, be a cause for worry as most of the armored vehicles have a better figure on the scale. Despite the wonderful ports for attack, the vehicle offers little freedom when you want to go offensive on the attackers.

Price and availability

SWAT is expected to sell the trucks at $200,000 per vehicle. Company sources have told that SWAT mostly entertains requests only from serious and well armed parties; no amateurish requests are generally given the heed in dealing armored vehicles, least of all the new Pit Bull VX SWAT Truck.

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