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Audi Onix an efficient racer with killing looks

Andrus Ciprian a prolific 3D designer with racing in his mind has conceived The Audi Onix. His past creations include the Dacia MC, Mazda RX-Z, and Hummer HB concepts. Designed as an illusory contender for the Porsche 918 RSR hybrid, it’s solely a concept. Showing strong familiarity with a variety of seat models the headlights and grille arrangement is worth noticing. With characteristics typical of other Audi models, like the R8, TT and e-tron concept, the skeleton looks quite impressive.

audi onix 7
audi onix 7

Graphite paintwork with orange graphics blends perfectly with car’s personality. Powered by a hybrid drivetrain, The Audi Onix come equipped with two 114 hp (85kW) electric motors and a mid-mounted V12 engine. Back wheels get powered by V12 while front wheels get power from electric motors which specially reserve power for it. Sandwiched between the two electric motors is an optimized flywheel accumulator which reserves extra power generated during braking. By and large a superior racer clubbed with great looks.

Via: diseno-art

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audi Onix
Audi Onix an efficient racer with killing looks

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