Cell Craft turns car into aircraft: G440 flying concept

When you see this car in action you will wonder whether it is a car or a plane, and rightly so because one, this car definitely looks more like a plane than a conventional car and two, it flies. Cell Craft G440 has two turbines to power it, one in the nose and the other in the tail, plus there are four more turbines to facilitate vertical take off and landing (VTOL), to give you the complete sci-fi feel.

cellcraft g440 flying car concept
cellcraft g440 flying car concept

Controls are easy to understand and operate. There are just two levers, one for thrust and the other for steering. Joysticks for controlling the car are mounted on the armrests of the pilot (driver?) seat. The one on the left handles power while the right-side joystick handles tilt and direction. Easy as pie! Like all flying cars we have seen, this one is also a concept with little to no chances of ever touching the tarmac, or the sky.

[Via: TopSpeed]

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