Chilean students design solar powered Eolian II car

These days many scientists and experts around the globe are involved in developing cars that can run on alternative fuel like solar energy and there is a good news as a team of students and teachers from Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics (FCFM) at the University of Chile has managed to develop an all new solar solar powered racing car, the Eolian II.

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It seems that these Chilean engineering students have developed a fixation for solar powered cars as they had successfully delivered the Eolian. The Eolian grabbed eyeballs after finishing 14th out of 45 competitors in the Panasonic World Solar Challenge. I must say here that it a significant achievement for a solar powered car as the race covered 3,010 miles from Darwin to Adelaide.

The basic design of both Eolian and Eolian II is the same as in both the machines the small solar cells are fitted on the upper surface. These cells trapped the solar energy and then make use of it to help the car touch a top speed of 130kmph, incredible, isn’t it. All eyes will now be on Eolian II, which is yet untested. The big test for the new and improved car will be during the Atacama Solar Challenge, which is scheduled to take place between September 30 and October 2, 2011. The car will literally get baptize by fire as it's to run 900 kilometers long passage from Iquique and Chañaral alongside the driest desert in the world.

I am happy to know that people are taking the whole concept of renewable energy harnessing seriously and coming up with products which can really make use of the cleanest form of energy in a better manner. As Rodrigo Palma, academic and director of Energy Center of FCFM, said:

In the world and in Chile, the solar cars are an excuse to develop renewable energy. We accomplish that solar energy is the best way forward, and in this case we want (it) in the engine, but in a house (it) can reach kettle, stove, refrigerator, and also industry, always looking to develop efficiently, safely and economically.

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