Chinese enthusiast builds Lamborghini Reventon for himself

All of us dream of owning luxurious and expensive cars, but most of us fail to fulfill our dreams because we cannot afford them. Asan, the owner of a hair salon in Kunming, China, also had a big dream of buying the sports car Lamborghini Reventon, but he did not have enough money. However, he decided to do something that most of us do not even imagine in our weirdest dreams. He actually decided to build his own Lamborghini Reventon!

diy lamborghini reventon
diy lamborghini reventon

In order to get an idea of what the real car looked like, Asan gathered info about the Reventon model online. With the help of three welders and the reference of the miniature Reventon model, Asan worked on the process of converting his 1995 Nissan A31 into the car of his dreams. According o Asan, all the parts of his new car are either imitations or are hand-made, except the Lamborghini RB25 engine, which is real. He completed his new homemade sports car in only twelve days and it cost him only around 90,000 yuan ($13,800), which is far less than the price of the original car which is $2.3 million. Asan claims that once his car is painted, it will look exactly like the original Lamborghini Reventon.

Asan has proved his true love for the sports car and showed the world how far he can go to actually achieve his dream. Asan is very happy and satisfied that he has actually managed to recreate his dream car. Though he can never drive the car legally, he has no regrets.

Via: OddityCentral

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