Conversion kit enables the use of Hayabusa’s engine in cars

A lot of DIY is going on, and while it’s a great idea to create your own track car powered by Hayabusa’s engine, it is not that great to use the bike’s drivetrain as well. Though that will work well when driving straight, chain driven vehicles can’t have a reverse gear. This is where Hartley enter the scene, with their billet aluminum crankcase conversion kit.

hayabusa for cars VcH9X 5965
hayabusa for cars VcH9X 5965

This kit has been designed to work with an automotive gearbox by mating Suzuki’s upper engine parts to the crankcase. A fully built Hartley H2 Busa engine weighs just 64kg, so it won’t weigh down your track racer’s performance. Hartley haven’t yet announced the kit’s pricing, but they say it will be “affordable” when it reaches the market next year.

Via: Piston Heads

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