Corbin Raven 3-wheeler prototype qualifies to be more like cars

Corbin Raven 3-wheeler which has terminology more like a car is set to hit the roads. The vehicle features a windshield to protect you from the wind just like cars and when we talk of controls it has a steering wheel replacing the handlebars that offers three-wheel steering and the padal controls will let you rest your hands.

corbin raven 3 wheeler 72
corbin raven 3 wheeler 72

Handling is exceptionally good due to hydraulic tubes connected to the rear hub. This is not the first time that company has introduced to the market as it has a very common electric Corbin Sparrow floating in the market. The company is also known for the wide range of motorcycle accessories, specifically seats, luggage and windshields.

I fear the success of this prototype as no one would like to ride a weird design like it even if it can reach 100 miles per gallon and sell for less than $12,000.

Via: autoblog

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