Herman Divers creates amazingly beautiful auto sculpture from Pull-Tabs

If there is a best example of how pull tabs that otherwise go waste can be converted into an immortal auto art; here it is. The useless pull tabs from cans and tins are recycled to create awesome auto sculptures that will leave you flabbergasted.

pull tab sculptures5 550x392 1
pull tab sculptures5 550x392 1

Created by Herman Divers aka master of pull-tab engineering, the sculptures include a replica of Harley Davidson motorcycle and classic automobile crafted out of 179, 200 obsolete aluminum pull-tabs that come from bear, soda and other cans. The other creations form the same source include a set of costumes for him and his wife as well as pieces of pull-tab furniture.

The art work is on display at the in Kansas, US and is a perfect embodiment of how craftsmanship and ingenuity can make something immortal that otherwise go waste.

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