Dodge Ram Truck crafted out of a Mazda MPV, better believe it !

Some conversion are really great, some are out of the box while some show a considerable level of ingenuity. It’s only the ingenuity that I appreciate the conversions for. And here is yet another conversion by the Students of Saitama Institute of Automotive Technology, Japan.


The pictured about is a green colored Ram Truck clone based on Mazda Bongo Friendee, which is a domestic MPV from Japan. It has a seating capacity for eight and was offered between 1995 and 2005. The changes seems confined to the outer body only, but there isn’t firm information as to what this thing is all about.

The students, however, have put in a decent effort to make it look like Dodge Ram Truck. This converted Mazda Bongo Friendee was on displayed at Tokyo Auto Salon along with a multitude of other fun and interesting project cars and was the embodiment of real craftsmanship from the students. Kudos!

Via: Carscoop

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