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Drunkard Cars - Beer is the fuel for GM Flex Fuel Cars

The teetotaler can use alcohol after all! No, I am not exactly on a youth corrupting mission, it's just that the General Motors Flex Fuel Cars have started running on waste beer! These beer powered cars get their fuel courtesy Coors Light and became a rage after announcement of Democratic National Committee carts being powered by waste beer. The trend has been on since the 1980s however and it is reported that one might not even know that they have an FFV enabled car for their engine looks exactly like the Gasoline powered versions! To clear this doubt check the car's fuel filler door for an identification sticker or consult your owner’s manual. Make sure you drive them carefully, you are mixing drinking with driving after all!

beercar I71mj 7881
beercar I71mj 7881

Via: Martinilounge

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