Very Fun Vehicle is real fun with eco friendliness

Environmentally friendly cars are often not preferred much for having short comings either in looks or in some other points. But, recently designed automotive by a Portuguese designer Nuno Teixeira : Very Fun Vehicle (VFV) does contradict this very notion. This is an eco friendly car with electric motor, compact size and design that makes it efficient for day-to-day usage.

Very Fun Vehicle
Very Fun Vehicle

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Very Fun Vehicle
Eco friendly Very Fun Vehicle by Nuno Teixeira is an excellent solution for everyone who cares about the car-city interaction.

Attractively designed with wide glass surfaces that give sportive and joyful look, VFV runs on an electric motor that not only makes it ecofrienly but cost effective than its gasoline poewredl four wheelers. For safety reasons, VFV has a massive deformed tubular skeleton, which not just lends it a unique look that makes it stand out from the crowd but acts as crumple zones also at the key-points.

This acts as a light but effective armor for side crashes. Furthermore, the VFV is also equipped with air bags in case the vehicle meets any serious mishaps as well as seat-belts which are well equipped with webclamps and pretensioners.

Taking care of the safety component, Teixeira has also added certain unique and additional features to this VFV, especially the parking sensors to aid in parking at constricted space. With an Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to boot as well, VFV not just looks as a real Very Fun Vehicle, but also assures excellent solutions for those who feel strongly about car-city interactions.

Very Fun Vehicle is not just all about looks and catching eye-balls, but is also one that actually cares for the ecosystem and for the safety of its passengers with its in-built safety measures. Definitely an automotive to look forward to!

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