Eleve: The New Avatar of the Renault 4L

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Eleve (Hello! I am Eleve), says this redesign concept car, the new kid from Renault. Eleve (meaning student in French) is an innovatively redesigned car by Allen Zadeh, an industrial designer. The USP of this concept is its flexibility. It gives you the power to customize this car as per your taste. You can then zip on roads in your unique car while other factory made clones go green with envy. This design reinforces the belief that in today’s techno world, user is king and every invention should walk, talk or move as per his/her wish.

Renault Eleve redesign
Renault Eleve redesign

The Eleve concept is a modern day avatar of its predecessor, the Renault 4L. The 4L (pronounced Quatrelle) was a runaway success when launched in 1961 just when the French economy was booming. It became the darling of middle class owners for the features (space, balanced suspension, comfortable seating, effective heating and ventilation) that it offered at an affordable price. It had one of the longest successful runs till 1992 after which it looked and performed like an ancient relic in front of new snazzier cars. It was given a peaceful burial. But now Renault is bringing back this Quatrelle phantom to haunt a whole new generation of users!

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Renault Eleve Concept
Allen Zadeh, American designer, has created 'Renault Eleve' as a redesign concept for the Renault 4.

One look at the Eleve and it holds your attention for a variety of reasons. For starters, the exterior panels can be exchanged and or modified to suit individual tastes. To make it eco friendly the car has composite materials on its exterior and recycled textiles for its interior parts. This was a primary condition from Renault, that the designer has addressed effectively. A look at the car from different angles allows you to make an informed decision on its usability.

The Eleve's designer, Allen Zadeh has used his extensive knowledge and experience to redesign a 1960s iconic car to a cabrio that can be configured in as many ways as one can imagine. It is contemporary, sustainable and has stuck to the original design as far as possible. The younger generation of users will find this versatile and interactive product appealing. Talk about old wine in a new bottle, this time an eco friendly and versatile bottle!

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