How to fix your car's power windows

Power windows have replaced manual windows in most of the cars now. As technology improves, people expect more new, stylish and easy techniques to be implemented in the cars they spend their money for. Power windows are self propelled car windows that do not require manual work. You only need to press the switch down to open or close the window. The mechanism uses electricity generated from the motion of the car that transmits to the window by a small motor attached in it. They are also called electric windows. You can make your windows open or close faster than manually operated windows. This also adds to your car's stylish features. But at times, the car's power windows get stuck due to some mechanical or electrical disturbances in the automation process in the window and the power window stops functioning properly. You need to fix those problems to have an enjoyable and hassle free drive. Here is how you can fix your car's power windows.

Power Window
Power Window

Difficulty level:


Time required:

About an hour.

Resources required:

  • New fuses (for blown fuses)
  • Contact lens cleaner or alcohol
  • Screw driver
  • Owner's manual of the car
Estimated cost:

If some parts of your car's power window mechanism need to be replaced or repaired, you may have to spend money on them.


  1. If the power window does not work properly, you should check for the window regulator. If you find any glitches, change the regulator at once.
  2. Check all electrical contacts that connect to your car's power window switches and clean them well to avoid problems.
  3. Conduct a check for the fuses that are located under the dashboard close to the steering wheel. Identify the blown fuse with a broken metallic strip at its center and replace it with a new one.
  4. If you feel the switch connections are creating problems in your power windows, examine them properly and clean them with a bit of alcohol or contact lens cleaner.
  5. Go for a wire connectivity test near the fuse box. If you find some loose wires connections, tighten them using a screw driver.
  6. Check the small electrical motor installed behind the door panel. If you find any problems in the connections, tighten them. If you find the motor has been ruined, you can replace it by going through the instructions given in the repair manual of the car provided by the car manufacturer.
  7. If you find yourself unable to fix the problem, better you rush to the nearest mechanic.
Frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I know my car's power window is not working properly?

A: The window glass stops moving smoothly if your power window faces some technical problems. It might stuck half way while going up or down.

Q: Can I recognize the blown fuses in my power window?

A: Of course, you can. Find out for the broken metallic strip at the center of the fuse. That fuse has been ruined.

Q: How can I replace the wires?

A: Its really simple to replace the wires used in the power windows. You just need to drive the old wire out of the socket by loosening up the screws with the help of a screw driver and install the new one the same way.

Q: Will it hamper my car's window glass if I try and fix the power window?

A: It depends on your efficiency and attentiveness while working to fix it. If you can not take care of these things properly, you might ruin the entire mechanism.

Q: Can I fix the motor by myself?

A: Fixing the internal problems in an electrical motor might need some engineering knowledge over electrical motors. Yet you can try and fix the problems such as electrical connections, dirt in the motor etc. But it would be better, if you consult a specialist.

Quick tips:

  • Place the glass of the windows properly when you open the window panel to check out for the motor.
  • Place the screws in a good place, so that you are able to find them while fixing it up.
  • Before going to a mechanic, check out for aforementioned instructions to find out the minor problems and fix it by your own.
Things to watch out for:

  • Do not tamper with the electrical motor without having enough working knowledge on it.
  • If you are not experienced enough in removing door panels, do not do it. Better consult a mechanic.
  • If you are unaware of the wiring in your window, do not try to fix it.

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