Flaming Duck Car makes a quack of a political statement in Russia

You’ve all heard of the Peking Duck right? Now we have a new competitor to the iconic oriental dish- the Moscow Duck! Ok so it’s not exactly food and its not exactly Russian either but the rather unique flame-throwing duck-mobile has super-powers of its own that make it appealing enough as a weekend drive. At least American artist and photographer Bart Dorsa, who is responsible for bestowing the world with this work of art, seems to believe so, and perhaps that is why he ventured out to put together this vehicle that makes all other car mods and their mothers hang their proverbial heads in shame.

Duck Car
Duck Car

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Duck Car
Duck car is a stunner for the passersby.

I suppose its only befitting that something that symbolizes the need to express individuality gets a debut on the streets of Moscow (where else?) and gets a great round of applause from regular Joe Muscovites for ushering in the candor that only democracy allows. Of course the duck also revives the thumping symbol of Moscow’s hedonistic side full of sex, violence and irreverence- The Hungry Duck - which is sorta refreshing to know since the West has been badmouthing the lovely city as a totalitarian hellhole for so long and party-people of the world need to know that there are other places to go besides Thailand if you’re looking for a good time!

But don’t get too excited imagining what V8 heart throbs inside the creature because the two-meter high, 300 kg duck car is actually a ridiculously shaped bicycle! Yes, you read it right; it is a pedal-pushed bicycle only with four seats for a driver and three friends. Kinda like a pedal boat only built for the tarmac. So I guess the flaming torch that shoots fire out the duck’s head is more like a visual honking system, or a gaseous headlight, if you will!

Whichever way you look at it, you can’t ignore the astonishing duck mobile and can’t help but ask yourself, “Why a duck?” Catch the DuckMobile in action below.

Duck MobileDuck car is a stunner for the passersby.

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