Designer envisions Jeep Cross bike concept for Jeep in 2025

Motorbikes make our hearts beat at a fast pace and if the vehicle has various features then heartbeat gets a supersonic existence. Here, to make you drop dead with its ultra-sexy looks is the Jeep Cross Bike. This futuristic concept has been designed by Kyle Robie for the Jeep brand, exclusively keeping the year 2025 in mind.

Jeep Cross Bike Concept
Jeep Cross Bike Concept

The vehicle has been crafted in a way, which will make it emerge as a winner both on and off-road. Its hydroelectric powertrain will turn this mean machine into a monster on roads. For such a powertrain, the electric motors will perform like a compressor for the accompanying hydraulic pump. This will inject enough fluid to both the wheels, which will churn to send an adrenaline rush. The wicked features are a result of drive-by-wire, hub-centric steering. This showers a unique look, which will manage to fetch a lot of eyeball attention.

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Jeep Cross Bike Concept
Kyle Robie's Jeep Cross Bike Concept

The bike offers an apt storage compartment that has been beautifully concealed under the seat. Elevating the seat also gives access to the battery, which can be swapped with a fully charged one sans any difficulty. So, waiting for your bike to get charged will take a backseat! Charge one battery while the motorbike is fitted with another option available. This will save precious time and cut the tension of consuming all the juice.

Keeping at par with the Jeep brand’s aura are the 7 bars that exist on the side of this beast. The side of the battery gets three bars, while the seat has been wedged with four. Headlights are worth a mention and will sparkle like the eyes of an angry beast. Indicator lights find a noticeable place in the frontage, while turn signals come embedded in the front mirrors. A special attention has been paid on the swing-arms during the whole designing, which have a bumped out appearance. To give this bike a perfect balance, the rear arm has been knocked out a bit. Similarly, the additional bump for the front arm allows the wheel placed in the frontage to spin properly.

With such killer looks and features to die for, Jeep Cross Bike will definitely create a sensation. The sumptuous bike will make jaws drop and eyes pop, every time it zooms on the road.

Thanks, Kyle Robie!

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