Golden Wheels: 22’’ OG Gold Wire Wheels up for grabs!

The Beast:

If going bling is top of your list and you are looking for gold wheels for your SUV in a good bargain, then you are in luck. These awesome OG Gold wheels are just the thing for you. They are complete gold and there is absolutely no chrome on it. One of the special models at OG Wire Wheels, these wheels are specially crafted to pimp your vehicle in to a chick magnet. It is all about styling, profiling and wheeling and dealing!

wheel gold cWp7I 7071
wheel gold cWp7I 7071

The Machine:

These custom made 22’’ wheels with gold spokes are used, but still as good as brand new when it comes to the rims. While the brand new ones would cost you a $3200 per piece, these ones are being sold by a guy named ‘Jammaal’ at mere $ 2200. That price comes with the tires on the rims as well. These are perfect for small trucks and SUVs and are sure to give you a very special ride.

The Thrill:

The wheels carry with them the very obvious high-profile style and are sure to steal the show wherever they lay rubber. The wheels would look really classy on a Hummer, though we are not personally big fans of the big SUVs. But do check the authenticity before you shell down the cash!

Via: Craigslist

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