Hut-shaped Wooden Camper is the homiest RV ever

RV campers are great fun, for about half a day, and then you really start to miss the very walls of your home when you find yourself waking up in a distinctively vehicle-like environment. To counter the unpleasant un-homeliness of a regular RV, Chinese housing developer Beijing St. East Integrated Housing Co., Ltd has created this rather exquisite all-wood RV camper that is shaped like the most traditional home ever.

St. East huts
St. East huts

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St. East huts
The main purpose is to provide customers with new living space, experience life, back to nature.

Christened as St. East huts, the camper is framed like a cabin with basic amenities like a sitting area, a kitchen and plenty of storage built right into the dividing walls. The A-framed roof also hides an attic inside that can easily be accessed to serve as a bedroom. The light wooden structure of the design allows the cabins to be fully functional in providing inhabitants a cozy, inviting space that resembles a home even when they are out in the wilderness.

The light composite wood structure allows the RV to be easily fitted onto the sturdy chassis specially constructed by 21st Century car network allowing the structure to be towed like a regular camper. The cozy, protected porch that is provided at the entrance of the RV allows users to use the extra space to give passengers an alternative view and a great experience during their travels as well as a sheltered space when the camper is parked.

The St. East huts can also be used as a single-family mobile home since styled more like a bijou villa or a larger version of it can be made to order to serve like a townhouse, an apartment building or even a resort. At CNY 100,000 a piece, the huts are also cheaper than the gadget-fitted regular campers. Via: 21rv

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