Icona fuselage: An iconic avatar on wheels

Cars are turning flavorful. They are being crafted in a manner which forces people to savor them from head to toe. From the skin to the inside all they spell is magic worth blinding people. Icona fuselage is one such coupe which will melt into your heart in no time. Brought into this word by design studio Icona Shanghai that came to life in the year 2010, it is without a second thought a beauty on wheels.

icona fuselage
icona fuselage

Icona fuselage which is presently gracing the home showroom in Shanghai is attracting a lot of people. The concept is truly magnificent and spectacular. Its dynamic details, sinful surface and a breathtaking silhouette will make anyone skip a few heartbeats. One thing that makes the spotlight fall on it is the car’s front end which has been kept away from any complex detailing. Unlike many other competitors, Icona Shanghai carves the panel in a wavy texture beautifying it even further.

When the wheels start churning in the company of transparent polycarbonate alloys, it sure looks like a serial killer wounding many around with its aura. The inside is as appealing as the façade yelling comfort and offering royal treatment.

The stunning coupe, a full drive, is powered by lead motors that have been position next to the wheels. Wedged in the central tunnel is the battery pack that weighs a total of 360 kg. Icona fuselage will touch a speed of 100 km/h form 0 in as less as 4.5 seconds while the speedy drive will make you experience a top speed of 200 km/h which is absolutely wow! The stunning car will drive right into your heart and conquer all your senses with its sumptuous features.

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Icona fuselage

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