New, improved Red Bull Hummer unveiled

The big, black H1 Red Bull Hummer looks nothing less than a monster when it runs on the road at top speed. Hummer commands the respect of many car lovers across the globe and, with its strong features, it definitely deserves all the attention. However, many fans of the Red Bull Hummer were left little disappointed earlier this year when the company took vehicle off the road for redesigning. The company is now done with the changes and the new improved Red Bull Hummer was recently unveiled at a glittering party.

Red Bull Hummer
Red Bull Hummer

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Red Bull Hummer
Red Bull Hummer unveiled

Red Bull is an energy drink making company, so it lived up to its reputation by giving free drinks to all those who were lucky to attend the unveiling party. Jokes apart, let’s talk about the new, improved Hummer. Look closely at images in the gallery and you will find out that Red Bull has failed to really freshen up the monster.

Now, you must be wondering why am I making such remarks? I have reasons to support this because instead of improving the vehicle externally, Red Bull has spent all the time and money bringing changes under the bonnet. Red Bull wants to send the monster on a heavy diet (please spare Hummer you Red Bull people) as they have fitted a turbocharged crate motor. It will be interesting to see if the new motor will really add to the power of already powerful Hummer. Crate motor or no motor, Hummer is without doubt the strongest car in the market and it will remain the lone monster ruling the road for years to come.

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