Kentucky man builds whiskey powered car

When the world is worried about depleting oil resources, Kentucky man has built a car that runs on bourbon whiskey which is produced in Kentucky, US. Mickey Nilsson,62, of Bardstown, Kentucky has a flair for tinkering with automotive parts. In this project, Nilsson says he got inspiration from a 1968 musical film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The story of the film was about a magical flying car that was built from junk.

kentucky man builds whiskey powered car
kentucky man builds whiskey powered car

Like the character of the film, Nilsson too had fondness for collecting junk which was just rusting in his backyard. As told by Nilsson last October he had a knock at his door. He told

The two knuckleheads from TV show American Pickers (Mike Wolf and Frank Fritz) stopped by here trying to steal from me offering me $200 for my old stuff and said I had no use for it since moonshine was illegal. Although I did sell the chubby one with the beard oil can for $40 before they ticked me off.

This incident motivated Nilsson to ponder about the stuff lying unused and rusting. As a compulsive dabbler in something new every day, he got an idea from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to build a whiskey driven car from his junk collection. The magic vehicle was ready in six months. With average price of Bourbon $24, it’s still costly fuel option but before long it may turn to be a good proposition as the gasoline prices are skyrocketing.

By 2014 Nilsson’s consumer version of concept car will be released to the public. Several names are being thought for this whiskey guzzling car which is currently being referred as the Nissan Nilsson. Research for alternate fuel car is on in many parts of the world. Scottish scientists are working on a Scotch whiskey derived fuel that has 30% more energy than ethanol. Any scientific feat in the beginning may sound to be a fantasy, but it does turn into reality someday.

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