KITT’s cousin: Truck from ‘The Highwayman’ headed for sale

Glen Larson created the first season for Knight Rider, and then went on to create this “futuristic” truck for “The Highwayman.” Futuristic because the story was set in 1992, and the show was broadcast in 1987-88. Whatever. Sam Jones (Flash Gordon) played The Highwayman who traveled on highways in his ultra high-tech supertruck “Stealth” and fought against crime.

the highwayman motorhome
the highwayman motorhome

The truck is based on a 1980 Kenworth cab-over and the modifications cost $287,000. The series aired in late 1987 and early 1988, and the video below is a good hint to why it never had another season. Also, the cockpit is a freakin’ helicopter; though we don’t think a helicopter is a part of the $125,000 this truck (converted to a motorhome) is selling for.

Via: Hemmings Classifieds/ Hemmings Auto Blogs

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