Lada Granta – Europe’s cheapest car to enter mass production from December 2011

The new low cost car is here to soothe your pockets. Lada Granta, the upgraded version of Sedan has been modified to give a new low cost look. The exteriors have been made by Ivan Lepeshkin. The car is a sure shot win win. It has been modified in a way where the comfort has been fitted into 219 thousand roubles.

lada granta
lada granta

The interiors have been decked up by Valentina Novikova. The seats have been thinned in order to allow for more legs space while at the same time, the boot has been elongated a bit. Take turns more easily now with the upgraded suspension. The gasoline engine comes in three amazing versions- 80hp, 90 hp and 98 hp. The choice is yours after all, as to which version you would like to choose from. With this upgraded version, you can expect a version with lower noise, more vibrations, and increased resources.

This car was recently driven by Russian PM, Vladimir Putin, and is touted to be Europe's cheapest car, priced somewhere between USD 6,800 and 10, 800. This car is to enter mass production in the last month of this year and the initial production number would be somewhere around 150 cars. You can get ready for an updated version.

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Lada Granta

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