Man meticulously assembles LEGO bricks to create a bicycle

Some people, like you and me, have regular jobs and have actual work to do to make a living and afford food. There are others, however, who just have a lot of time on their hands like a certain Flickr user who goes by the name of Brickapolis. Brickapolis has painstakingly put together a life-size model of your average cycle (the kind you ride) out of a few thousand pieces of LEGO!

lego bicycle
lego bicycle

Yep, that's right, the pictures don't lie. It's made completely of lime-green LEGO pieces. You'd think he could have chosen a better color scheme, but let's give him credit anyway.

His cycle model was on display in the North Carolina Brickmagic festival for all to see, and while some skeptics may insist that it's just LEGO glued onto a cycle, we're pretty sure it actually is the real deal. If you feel like stealing this LEGO cycle at some point, we should probably warn you that you can't just break in and ride away on it. Because, well, it can't move. Perhaps a project for next year, eh, Bricky?

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Via: Geekologie

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