Metromorph futuristic car concept makes balconies, elevators obsolete!

As weird as that sounds, the Metromorph car concept from designer Roman Mistiuk can also work as an elevator, or even a balcony. Well, parking the vehicle on the wall should definitely rid you of parking woes, which is good, or it will take the struggle to the walls, which is about as nasty as it gets. As the concept works as an elevator, while it is parked outside your apartment, it can also work as a balcony.

metromorph  01
metromorph 01

To keep its exteriors sleek, and give it a better appearance while it functions as an elevator, the wheels of the car are kept hidden. The doors of the Metamorph rotate around the vehicle so as to take up minimum space. Seats on the concept sit on a rolling base, and are held together by rotating arms. This configuration allows the passengers to remain comfortable when the vehicle climbs vertically on the wall, also, the seats can transform to lounge chairs for a better “balcony experience.” This electric vehicle is propelled by two in-wheel motors powering the rear wheels.

metromorph  04
metromorph 04

metromorph  07
metromorph 07

metromorph  02
metromorph 02

metromorph  03
metromorph 03

metromorph  05
metromorph 05

metromorph  08
metromorph 08

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