Monoform concept - A modernistic car inspired by an artist's perspective

Automobiles signifying a conclusive facet of science and industrialization of the world, still bear that unparalleled cultural relevance. And as a whole the automotive industry has been based on age old purist lines (catering to auto enthusiasts) of aesthetics and perfection. Now taking this broader socio-cultural aspect into consideration, one may argue that perhaps the progression of automobile design has not strictly transcended to a purely artistic level. In other words, one might say vehicular design is not considered an art for art's sake; rather it depends upon a number of attributes such as efficiency, aerodynamics and integral mechanism. Well designer Fernando Ocaña has sought to fuse all such elements into a singular form, to contrive a car concept from an artist's perspective.

MONOFORM Concept Car
MONOFORM Concept Car

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MONOFORM Concept Car
MONOFORM Concept Car by Fernando Ocaña

Dubbed as the MONOFORM car concept, the overall design may seem uniquely refined to some, while out-rightly bizarre to others. Nevertheless, the designer has tried to convey a message by breaking the barriers of 'conservative symbolism' prevalent in the modern vehicles. Alluding to cubism, the asymmetrical, abstract shape of the top section manages to infuse that certain factor of fluidity.

The vehicle being primarily conceived for an urban commute, this irregular glass facade in turn would also act as a definitive point of interaction between the car and the people involved in a particular section of a city. The broken reflections of the city scape displayed by the facade would create a play of dynamism with flight.

Now, in our books the design treads that middle ground between the confines of art and audacity. So, in the long run it might not be suitable for the purist tastes of the majority of auto enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the conception does manage to break new ground with its bold finish, and perhaps would work in the future as an embodying factor for more artistically developed conceptions of cars.

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