Nissan Etherea Concept blends coupe, sedan, hatchback and crossover all-in-one

The luxury automaker Nissan has unveiled the first look of their latest Infiniti Etherea concept which is all set to debut in the Geneva International Auto Show March 2011. Nissan’s chief automotive designer Shiro Nakamura has given shape to his futuristic design strategy by not branding it into any fixed slot but rather intermingling aspects of crossover, coupe, hatchback, and sedan.

infiniti etherea f34 ns 21411 815
infiniti etherea f34 ns 21411 815

However the automobile market quips that with leading German brands like Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz sporting compact hatchbacks, Infiniti had to follow suit and thus this luxurious shrewd monster on wheels. Intended for younger buyers, the Etherea, as the company sources reveals, projects an iconic expression for the future lines of the cars to come from this Japanese luxury car series.

The visual teasers released by Infiniti, uncovers an extensive compact look, modern mechanical layout, and revolutionary curves using traditional Japanese materials.

In absence of proper details industry insiders reveal being part of luxury car range it is expected to be costing around $30K. With a length of 4.4m, the sleek Etherea concept marches four inches to the fore than a Nissan Versa hatchback and is marked with the wavy C-pillar design of the Essence concept.

Via: Jalopnik

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