Nizam of Hyderabad's Rolls-Royce Throne Car restored to former glory

Base Model

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost that too the one tagged with the year 1912 and chassis number 2117 was nothing but royalty on wheels. The car was built specially as a ceremonial coach by Barker for the 6th Nizam of Hyderabad. Rolls Royce said it was a Semi-State Coach in a handbook of the grand 40/50 h.p. that was sent in March 1913 to His Highness the Nizam of Hyderabad. The car covered only eight miles on a gallon and was a throne car.

heh nizam of hyderabads rolls royce throne car
heh nizam of hyderabads rolls royce throne car

The sumptuous coupe came enveloped in rich canary yellow complete with gold mountings which made it look like a delicate piece of art. The upholstery used was classy in its own way. It was in the form of gold silk brocade while the curtains in brocade beautifully complimented the interiors. Streamlined fenders were wedged on the Rolls Royce and strict instructions were given to the Hyderabad State Railway Shops to keep it under $500. During his career of 26 years in Hyderabad, His Exalted Highness used the car for a good 300 miles.

The facelift

Coachbuilder Barkers was endowed with the responsibility to craft an exclusive body for the throne on wheels. It was ensured that the ride radiated the majestic grandeur of Nizam’s grand court. The Rolls Royce had a low slung bonnet line and for a good six decades was lying in the Nizam’s garage in an inactive state. This is when Cartier offered to pump life into the royal ride on wheels, for the classic car concurs event.

Manvendra Singh Barwani made every possible effort to shower breaths into the dead coupe that had just exercised for less than 400 miles. Singh and his teammates have made the very first state limousine ever on a Rolls-Royce look sumptuous again with genuine efforts. A shimmering gold and silver crown was erected in the place of an arched roof canopy making it look awesome. The royal cabin has been caked with the finest French brocade available which will make sure that His Exalted Highness tastes nothing but luxury while out on a ride.

The difference

The luxury on wheels has been brought back to its original form that emits richness. This Rolls Royce has been caked with the rich canary yellow with gold mountings that was used in the first place. Special upholstery has been got from France and the car has been draped with beautiful lace and silk curtains. The car was a plethora of extravagance with lights and roof dome with fleur-de-lys pattern in silver finish, making it look rgal. Back in 1934, Nizam railway workshop was honored with an opportunity to modify this beauty.

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