Pamper your adventurous side with Mark Hopper's Eco Boat

People are getting as adventurous as ever. Not only do they want their road trips to be loaded with luxury but have carried their passion to treat themselves special even till the water. To pamper such souls even further Mark Hopper has designed a yacht named Eco Boat that will cover 4000 nautical miles when fully fueled keeping long cruising as the focus.

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It has the potential to reach knots of up to 25 to a max knots of 35 when sails are used fully and at good speed. Solar panels will envelop the two side wings of the yacht to power up electronics like computers and other technology on board. Designed in a manner to cut precious time it can withdraw its sails to the bowls in as less as ten minutes.

Being completely programmed it’s easy to get the sails up and is ready to use within no time. The length of this yacht is anticipated to be 150 foot and it is thought to slice power by 25% used for porting, keeping it stable in violent waters and ballet aids and bow thrusts by cutting down the 3 mtu 2500 engines.

With an efficient solar powered yacht like this, sailing had never seemed so exciting!

Thank you Mark Hopper.

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Pamper your adventurous side with Mark Hopper's yacht

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