Paul Tan: Our Next Auto Ninja

The Famous Auto Blogger, Paul Tan from Malaysia who single-handedly runs the popular auto blog is our Auto Ninja for next week.

paul tan from paultanorg autoblogger
paul tan from paultanorg autoblogger

Paul Tan has a small web development outfit as a "day job" but the blog is slowly taking over all of his time. He has a few blogs, one on Apple hardware, one on technology and even one on celebrity news but they haven't really taken off yet.

He doesn't blog often at these, like the celebrity news one for instance, as he has bloggers to do that. The only one that has taken off in a huge scale in Malaysia is his car news blog at, which currently gets about 30,000 visitors and about 80,000 page views daily. One milestone that he has achieved is to gain the status of media with some car companies in Malaysia so he gets invited to launches and test drives - which means more coverage for his site!

Following are the Links to his best posts



This blogger has managed to gain celebrity status amongst the automotive enthusiasts so you can send him questions related to the same at and he would answer all of them personally.

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