Perverted pleasure of the day: Gold Ferrari 599 GTB spotted in London

Owning a Ferrari 599 GTB tuned by the German luxury car tuner Hamann has got to be a high point in anyone’s life. So how do you take the pleasure to the next level? By getting your Ferrari 599 GTB wrapped up in gold, that’s how! We’ve seen this 2009 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano by Hamann do the rounds of Dubai a few years ago, but now the gentlemen who owns this puppy, who has been identified only as “young son of a wealthy dignitary” so far, has now brought his shiny ride to show off in the British capital.

Gold Ferrari 599 GTB
Gold Ferrari 599 GTB

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Gold Ferrari 599 GTB
Gold Ferrari, Gold plated Ferrari 599 GTB

We’re not sure if the cramped streets of London are the ideal place to take your 673 hp Ferrari for a spin, but I guess compromising with situations is not something the elite are used to doing. The Golden Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano by Hamann has been frequently spotted around the Jumierah Hotel in Knightsbridge, London with a white Rolls Royce Mansory Bel Air Phantom DropHead Coupé in tow keeping the golden beauty company.

Watch the baby roar in this vid below and also wonder to yourself aloud how much money would the dude in the bike would have had to cough up had he managed to nick the golden bum of the Ferrari!

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