Planters NutMobile gets a green makeover for eco-campaign across US

A new peanut-shaped NutMobile is the latest in the line of eco-friendly rides. Mr. Peanuts' new vehicle boasts of being environmentally friendly from its structure to fuel, and to usage of sustainable sources of energy to power lights and radio.


Starting this March, the new marketing campaign by Planters will have the peanut-shaped vehicle take a tour across the US not only for promotional purposes but also for promoting the Planters' Groves program by transforming waste land into peanut-shape play area.

The NutMobile is a modified version of an Isuzu NPR box truck that is powered by turbo-diesel of 5.2L capacity that can run on biodiesel made out of peanut oil. The fiber glass body of the Nut Mobile is crafted out of non-toxic epoxy, organic compounds and vinyl.

The doorframes, headlamps and glass are taken from old vehicles – hence, recycled. Wind turbine and solar panels are attached onto the vehicle producing energy for powering the LED lights and radio. The wooden flooring inside is also made out of recycled wood from an 18th century barn.

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Nut Mobile

Via: Motor Trend/New York Times

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