Preview: 2012 Ford Mondeo, coming to 2012 Geneva Motor Show

America based legendary automaker 'Ford Motor Company' is planning to unveil its upgraded version of the Mondeo model at the '2012 Geneva Motor Show' in Switzerland. The earlier versions of this saloon model were also highly acclaimed for its brilliant design and performance. This car was first released in 1993. With significant upgrades and modifications, it has carved a niche for itself. The customers were delighted about this model even after a decade of its inception. While Ford Mondeo already possess the best in class features in its earlier versions, expectations are very high for this version. The Geneva Motor Show is scheduled to commence by the second week of March, 2012 in Geneva.

2012 Ford Mondeo
2012 Ford Mondeo

First look

Ford's 'Mondeo' had already underwent a light face-lift upgrade as its 2011 version which was debuted at the Moscow Motor Show in 2010. Therefore the 2012 version of Ford Mondeo is expected to possess significant upgrades. The newer version features a new sporty and muscular look with a sharper design at the rear end. The headlights were crispier too. However, most of the changes are expected under the hood and in the interiors. Apart from the tweaked front end and rear end design, high tech gadgets would also be installed in the interiors.

What's new?

The front mask of the newer version has been replaced by a bolder design. The front grille are made significantly larger than its previous versions. This car implements a new version of Ford's engine which possess an Eco-boost technology. This car would also have an upgrade in its transmission system. A number of high tech features like the surround sound speakers, touch screen navigation system and seat belt reminder system delights us. Apart from these features, the key-less entry, Blue-tooth technology, voice recognition system, etc., make this vehicle more sophisticated and luxurious.

What's been refreshed?

The vehicle's glass windows are green tinted while the exterior mirrors are body colored. The door handles has been made of elegant black color. The rear windshield has a wiper too. Regarding the interiors, the gear shifting knob has been touched with chrome based materials. The steering wheel possess a sporty look with metal plated spokes. It is expected to feel the new ambiance in the cabin, right after stepping into the vehicle. More than other features, the vehicle's interiors are very spacious and convenient so as to provide a comfortable journey for the passengers.

The machine

Inside this vehicle's hood, a new class of Ford's engine has been equipped. It is supposed to possess an Eco-boost technology which supercharges the gasoline engine in order to boost its power and performance without compromising on the fuel economy. This engine has a capacity of 2.0 liter with which it could deliver a stunning power of about 200 horsepower. The direct fuel injection system also helps these engines significantly. The Eco-boost technology is also available in Ford's 1.6 liter engines. To mention, this technology also helps to cut down the carbon emissions by about 15 percent when compared to engines with similar power. A six speed automatic transmission system known as 'Power-Shift' has been integrated in this version. The gear ratios have been improvised through which the engine's power will be smoothly transmitted to the vehicle's wheels. Ford Motors has unveiled these newer engines gloablly at the 'Beijing Motor Show' in China, earlier.

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2012 Ford Mondeo
Equipped with a 2.0-litre I4 Ford EcoBoost engine

What's good?

Well, the exterior modifications made at the rear end of the body improves the aerodynamics of the body pretty much. Large air vents allow more air flow which takes away the engine's heat too. The inclusion of the rear view camera helps the driver while parking the vehicle. The presence of active and passive safety systems along with the standard options like Adaptive cruise control, Anti-lock Braking System, Emergency Braking System, etc., supports this version very well on the affirmative side.

What's not so good?

It is too early to discuss about the limitations of this version as it is yet to be launched. However, we may expect news about this version even before its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Price and availability

Information about the price of this version is still unavailable for discussion. However, the replacement of the engine would rise its earlier price at-least by $1500. We may get information about the availability of this vehicle in the global market in the upcoming days.


The 2012 version of Ford Mondeo is destined to inspire millions of hearts around the world with its powerful upgrades and performance. Let us keep our fingers crossed about the release of this version.

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