Reed’s magical Electric engine that promised to surge your vehicle forward sans engine and batteries!

Science and scientific invention always start out with noble intentions at heart- at least most of them. While some might be of great value to the world, others just do not reach up to the high standards set by changing time and growing global standards. Irrespective of how great an invention ends up being, it is always dear and special to the inventor. It is like the perception of a mother towards her kids. It does not matter how you look or act, at the end of the day you are always an angel to them. Well, that is how it works mostly. The same is true in the case of Troy Reed and his magnetic motor.

Troy Reed of Tulsa, Oklahoma has invented and patented a motor that consumes no fuel and emits no fumes. It is powerful enough to turn a 7,000-watt generator, which is enough electricity to run an average home. According to Reed the engine is very simple and it functions on the basic principles of electromagnetism. While there are many electric vehicles on the road today, what makes this engine unique is the fact that it is totally self-sustainable. At least that is what its inventor claims.

The video that you will take a look at shows Reed’s demonstration of his technology with a bulb and how he adapted it to a car which he named ‘Surge’. Now there are plenty of fundamental flaws in Reed’s model that make you believe that this is nothing beyond a mere fanciful idea that will never materialize I to reality. The simplest problem I have with the whole engine is the fact that Reed eliminates the complete use of an external energy source from it. This pretty much means that apart from the early power supply, the engine derives all its energy from the wheels of the vehicle.

Now, going down to one-on-one simple physics, If all of the energy is used to spin the wheels and all the energy that comes from the spinning of the wheels powers the engine, then the entire vehicle becomes a self-sustaining machine all on its own. This means that there is absolutely no energy loss in the entire process in the form of heat or sound. In a very common language, that means your engine never gets hot and there is no sound from the car. Now from the video, you will find Reed himself taking about the ‘lovely sports-car-like sound the engine makes’. So basically the car is nothing beyond a far-fetched impossibility in reality.

There are modern electric vehicles that use the same principle and are branded as REVs. Range Extended Vehicles are the real version of this Utopian idea. Reed himself apparently admitted in 1999 that the engine is ‘not completely self-sustained’. I’m not at all surprised and it will never be either as a perfect heat engine does not exist in nature. Remember the whole Carnot’s engine, well that is the only thing and it is only on paper.


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