How to remove odor from your car's A/C

Car air conditioner can be pretty spiteful if it smells too bad. Many people do not really know how to maintain their car air conditioners. Air conditioners in a car can have humidity or other remains built-up inside it, which can ends in certain rancid odors that is emanated from the air outlets. It is better to clean off the foul odor than put up with it. This project is also fun to do as you come to know more about the car. The benefit of regularly cleaning the ac system is to attain a well maintained and fresh car. It is easy to clean the ac system odor of a car if one follows the steps given below.

removing odor from your car
removing odor from your car

Difficulty level: Moderate

Time required: 30 to 45 minutes

Estimate cost: $5 (maximum)

Resources required

  1. Gloves
  2. Lathered up water
  3. Torch
  4. Foam loop cleaner
  5. Lysol disinfectant

  1. Wear gloves and make use of a torch to look into the air conditioner of the car. If there is a window compartment, there will be more grime and pollutants. Clean any dirt in the unit before doing anything else.
  2. Spray foam loop cleaner on any area, where you have already cleaned, in the air conditioner to remove any sticking bacteria. Allow it to be there for some time (about 15 minutes) before washing it away with the help of clean water.
  3. Wash the drain channel well with bleach and warm water, if it is easy for you to reach there since the place of the channel varies from one car to another. Make certain that you get the blend into the drain area, to clean it very well.
  4. Substitute or wash away the air filters in the air conditioner system of the car. Selected air conditioner units contain filters that can be taken out and washed with warm lathered up water. But some others will necessitate in replacing the old filter with a new filter.
  5. Sprinkle the air conditioner system with any disinfectant available. The disinfectant that can be used mostly is the Lysol.
Frequently asked questions

1. What causes the musty smell in the car’s air conditioning system?

The musty smell is due to water condensation. As the air conditioning system is being used it builds up water condensation that can settle in the cars primary evaporator area.

2. Which is the best way to prevent the smell from reoccurring?

Since the odor is caused due to condensation, the best way to prevent the odor from reoccurring is to make sure that the condensation dries out completely.

Quick tips

  1. Try spraying Lysol right into the openings around the windshield zone on the external of the car. Then, run the air conditioner on external air for some time. Later alter the setting to re-circulate air from inside that levels Lysol through the system.
  2. The bad odor can frequently start by means of going over an automated car wash technique along with the air conditioner set on to take in the air from the outside. This causes water to be spattered in through the openings around the windshield space. This can be avoided by setting the air conditioner to re-circulate mode or by switching off the air. This may prevent the filthy water from entering the air conditioner system.
  3. Air conditioner should, most of the time, be run on normal setting instead of setting it to high. Persistently setting it to high can leave back bad odor triggering moisture inside the system. Before turning off the car see if the air conditioner is set to regular if at all you use the high setting. This allows the air conditioning system to dehydrate and preclude fungus from establishing inside the system.
  4. Ensure that you put a fresh air filter into your car air conditioner system whenever you add oil for running the car. Pollutants, like grime, stagnating water, collect on the filter. Hence changing the filter as required can aid in getting rid of the bad odor.
  5. Buying sprays for eliminating odors and freshens the air inside the vehicles will greatly help in reducing the filthy smell in the car. Spray right into both the exterior and interior outlets. This can be done once in every six months.
Things to watch out for

Ensure that the gloves is of a good long length to cover as much of the hands as possible. Avoid doing this cleaning when children are around since it will be hazardous if they start playing with the lathered water or the spray bottle.

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